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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  May 22, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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saving hiis vision for wrigley field has gotten lost. moving forward with even bigger improvements. >> >> it is time to move forward a plans to renovate really field. chairman says he wants fans to hear from him first. in a surprise six manhattan video released overnight the cubs chairman makes the case for revising its expansion plans.
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>> 3 lower and that in front of the television. places the ball on to the team. a t just like the ones kids use a little late to get his warmups wings. >> last year the city council approved a $500 million expansion and renovation plans. >> after years of failed negotiations with rooftop owners , he is not going with his original proposal >> 600 additional seats. the relocation of the bullpen. rooftop owners have made clear that despite the city's approval and are clear contractual rights plan to file lawsuits. hopes to
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avoid having to the court house. >> rooftop owners but have an agreement with the team that expire in 2003 they say have rights too. >> any proposed win- win solutions. the couple say they do not need to go back to the zoning commission to get approval for these revised plans. only need approval from the commission of chicago landmarks for additional slight edge. they hope to start construction this year. >> former catholic
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priest is back before a judge he is facing another sexual assault charge. >> live in the criminal courts building with the story. the latest bond hearing just getting underway at this hour more details are expected very soon about this latest charge >> the 45 road former priest was taken into custody and processed and a white sox world series teacher. the arrest happen devastate facility. >> the newest allegation involves an incident from nine years ago. >> and his first restaurant in 2006. eventually pled guilty to molesting several young boys
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while he was a priest and basketball coach. sentenced to five years in prison. a 2002 case. of the mrs is not commenting. activists say they're not surprised. >> if the church officials and colonel george had done the right thing. most of those children would never of venice and shattered. members of the survivors network are in court today. >> mean time on another front. there is an ongoing effort to have him held indefinitely under the sexually violent persons commitment to act. clear why the cook county criminal cour mia live at cook
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county criminal court. >> the suspect followed an 19 year- old woman from the clerk and lake station to the stock and van buren. he followed her and detector. was able to get away from the man and called police immediately. listen student from the university of illinois has been found and is back home with his family. have not been seen or heard from since saturday when he is supposed to fly home to greensboro north carolina. he was never on the plane. police say he was having some problems in school. apparently did not want to go home. he had not said where he was found maria bin or how he got back home. protesters back at the corporate headquarters the day after more than 100 were arrested there. left just before 9:00 a.m.. during yesterday's demonstration about 100 workers and 3000 clergy and human
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activists were arrested. they are demanding a wage increase of up to $15 an hour. the house speaker 34 >> of the 71 house democrats supports an extension of the tax hike. 30 are opposed. so is every republican in the house. the illinois house is considering a bill that allowed thousands of people who lost their drivers' licenses permanently after giving for drunk driving convictions to get back behind the wheel. it is called a redemption bill sponsored by state rep. it would grant permits to drive to and from work. serial t y
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offenders would have to pass and by breath testing devices. president obama will be back home in chicago. there is a reception at 5:00. pretty ugly on the president arrives. lawmakers are taking steps to address the alleged misconduct. past the va management accountability back yesterday appeared which would give him more power to fire employees. the chairman of the house committee of veterans affairs says the bill is a good start to the bigger problem. it
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is a step in the right direction. the agency that is 300,000 police and size. this bill will focus on about 430 of them. it gives the secretary the ability to fire people did not do their job. >> to president obama ordered an investigation into the scandal. he expects a report next week. illinois senator is questioning more than $16 million in bonuses given to top officials at the v.a. hospital in the western suburbs. a retired navy reservist wants to know whether we times were manipulated to secure management bonuses. a social worker accused hospital executives of keeping secret waiting lists. five cases in which treatment was delayed that might have resulted in
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death. >> best into loaves after the board voted unanimously to ban puppy mill at its three commissioners want to change that band. the new law goes into effect in october. >> rescue agencies and humane society. several commissioners want to change the ban to allow pets stores to purchase stock from usda millers. >> this will undo the new law before it even goes into effect. >> 20 years in prison for brutally beating to women. >> she went missing 10 years ago at the age of 15. she was found alive. what a group of senators is asking the nfl commissioner.
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a man convicted of the brutal beatings and robbery of two young women will be sentenced. gets underway in about an hour. in our newsroom with a preview. the parents of blood talk show will be there to witness the sentencing of a man
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responsible for this vicious beating that put the daughter and a wheelchair. a gang member could face as much as 120 years in prison. >> suffered a skull fracture and severe brain injury. can no longer talk or walk from assistance. confined to a wheelchair. the other victim spoke about her feelings of relief after the sentencing in october. there has not been a night that has passed that i did not awake in a night terror reliving my habits. >> it is extremely comforting. it is comforting to know that justice husband
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served. sentenced to 22 years in prison >> during from illinois has done it on a training mission. stephen hancock fell out of an offspring aircraft. >> body was discovered tuesday and a blueberry fields. it is not clear how hancock fellow. he was a crew chief with the second marine aircraft wing. police >> from the kidnapping victim 10 years after she truck and taken as a teenager. accused of a bucking the victim while living with her and her mother's home
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>> charge was suspicion of kidnapping and rape lose tax with a minor and false imprisonment. >> 80 service members of being sent to nigeria's neighbor to support intelligence and surveillance operation. the white house says the deployment is not based on any new leads. kidnapped more than 270 girls from the school 37 days ago. has not been seen since. u.s. officials said they believe the militants moved to girls and smaller groups by now. a remote-control deep sea submarine resume its search for the missing passenger jet. centered in an area of the indian ocean were much as picked up electronic signals. the chinese survey ship will map the ocean
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floor. senator is among 50 u.s. senators putting pressure on the nfl to support a name change for the washington redskins. a group of democrats and independents senators have sent a letter to the commissioner the letter urges them to put pressure on dan snyder to change a name that many half felt it is offensive to native americans. the is resisted a name change. he said most americans and football fans want to keep the team's name. >> 6 people are free after they're arrested for making a music video. >> this video was made in iran. shows six men and women dancing and lip- synching. they
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forbid men and women from dancing with one another. women and not wearing mandatory headscarf. there were rounded up and questioned. the videos director was not. the group also got some high- powered support. >> shall not be too hard on behavior is caused by droid. it is not clear whether that led to the dancers. >> it is beyond said that these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness. >> stopping door to door mail delivery. what the government is proposing for millions of americans to cut postal service costs. >> costs. >>
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stocks extending a rally for a second day. positive earnings helping trading today. the dollar up around 12. mortgage rates near a seven month low. the housing market may be on the rise. the fourth straight week that the average rate on the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has fallen. >>
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>> to investigators say 11 people in four states may have gotten sick from the products. court and food service marketplace which has stores in illinois indiana michigan wisconsin and five other states. it is sold under a variety of labels. millions of americans are a step closer to not getting their mail delivered right to their front door. a congressional committee approved a bill letting the postal service delivered to 15 million curbside boxes. the move would save an estimated $2 billion. >> deal that allows
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customers to pick the windows of time in which they want to receive alerts. >> the part owner of a dairy and ice cream business and to investment firms. some democrats have taken the african- american vote for granted. chicago is hosting a big marijuana conference. the chicago cannabis conferences coming to navy. and seventh and eighth. the event will bring together cannabis patients growers politicians physicians and industry experts. those on hand will be talking about changing marijuana laws and illinois and other states. the conference will also feature over
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100 exhibits. >> children may take their sweet time when you call them down for dinner. a new invention could speed up that process. >> put it at the top of the stairs. on full some nets that go on the stairs. before you know you have a giant slide in your house. , and voters helped with the name colors and design. the site is now looking for a company to mass produce these. how the price of food may influence america's way. fow
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sox only managed four hits and lose 4-1. spiffs seven scoreless innings against the yankees. new york as the bases loaded and he tries to turn a double play. to run score. the chicago cubs lose 4-2. police the majors.
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the nicest that spring has to offer. a big storm upon the downstate illinois. >> that is a shelf,. the low hanging clouds the product of cooler air coming out. do you know
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christina elizabeth had $1,500 damage done to her car by hail. >> samples of those which came down and i suspect there was a lot of car damage. there's another shot from laura. teach hailstones came down in that area. more hail this one from ortiz. i do not think i can remember an event that has produced as many as incredible pictureincredible pi. many incredible >> pictures> an incredible shot. the towering thunderhead comes to us from
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marianne. >> those clouds are the tallest on earth. a beautiful day. see those high clouds. a cluster of thunderstorms passing to the south of us right now. piquancy the storms down state. >> going into that same area that was heavily hit yesterday by storms. we're under the veil of ice clouds or ice crystals on the north side. we do not expect any rain from the is. the radar shows the land is tracking eastward. it is not diminishing at this point. the storms that we were dealing with earlier and a
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weaker pound in the east coast. a thunderstorm watch in effect for up there. indicated by the yellow boxes. flood watches out in the northern rockies. but fled when a over a huge area of alaska. it has been a warm and dry spring. 89 and that midway. it is actually 89. that is the warmest of days that we've put together since last september. a lot different today. mia at 67 in chicago. we are registering double-digit temperature increases. >> look at the temperature dropped from this time yesterday. you noticed that when you go outside. >> in the '50s
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against the shore line. a northeast wind blowing into the area. the load to points. really makes you feel a lot cooler. dew points in the '60s. low 70's are what you see down on the gulf coast. forties in our area. it is very pleasant. windchill not a factor. warmer temperatures across our network scattered across the area. soldier field is only 59. waukegan at 56 this hour. this is the view from the british school and freshwater looking down on the skyline.
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it was formidable. some of these hill reports included a 4 in. diameter. that is grapefruit size. that is right at the periphery of the school their mass. wind circulates clockwise. we're getting an orderly flow. the high will come right over us. >> in the afternoon in the daytime heating around lake brings the cooler denser air and off of the lake has a light lake breeze. that is what we will see tomorrow. the thing is when you have only a localized like pries the cooling does not go very far inland. the cooler day today. 12 to 15 degrees off with the temperatures in saw yesterday. by 72. lots of sunshine
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filtered through the high clouds at times. scattered clouds cooler tonight. 53 at the lakefront. about 49 will be the official thermometer at o'hare. seasonable tomorrow highs 74 '60s at the beaches. flight northeast wind. mr. the memorial day weekend mostly sunny and a little bit warmer with some light breezes. each day the lake breeze one's a little bit because the air mass itself is warming up. but the timing get into the wind of sunday and monday we will have eighties going around a good part of the area. the meteorological summer start june 1st. memorial day weekend is the unofficial start. johnny carson also has left tonight show.
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let's get started with our peccary.pick 3. >>9 -3-1 fireball number 2. ha >>it is a beautiful day to take the lunch outdoors and pick up those tickets. go out into that sunshine and get your winning tickets. let's get started with pick4 and fireball. 3-3-4-0
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fireball is 1 time for lucky day lotto. jackpot 150 ,000. good luck. >>hope you have a
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wonderful afternoon. >>hope you have a wonderful afternoon.
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i've been using these bounce bursts. they bring outdoor freshness inside, so i guess i forgot i wasn't outside. [ sniffs ] behold. [ birds chirping ] [ shaking ] i love being outdoors. [ male announcer ] new bounce bursts for more outdoor freshness. in a study reveals cheaper food could be a major cause of the obesity academic. an epidemic hitting all americans not to certain groups. the analysis calls into question the common notions about the obesity crisis.
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>> after assessing findings of 75 prior reports on life style and public health they conclude that access to cheap food contributes more to the obesity epidemic and other factors. findings are published in a cancer journal for clinicians. you may want to think again. a handshake spreads disease. can be as dangerous to your health as smoking. >> despite careful hand washing can still be spread to other patients. researchers suggest doctors replaced the hand shake with a wave or a bow. >> new research reveals redline connection to protect against cavities. the research was published against the driver of food chemistry. prevents
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cavities but the slowing the growth of bacteria in the mouth. >> >> a holiday weekend coming up. that means we are grilling. putting everything out on the grill. a three course meal.
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we have a salad and
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a half hour on a tray. executive chef at rocket bar and grill. thank you so much for being here. i'm so excited about this. a lot of different recipes as well. we're going to do them all on the grill. >> going to do a little bit of olive oil. going to go right on to the girl. just kind of slicing it in half. their tiny. >>a classic wedge has tomatoes bacon and bleu cheese.
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>> we are also making an entree. a little bit of a salad. already have the salmon going. we have done is taken the bonds lemon from our citrus fruit and mixed it with the money. >> what i'm going to do is i'm going to add this to our salmon. we have already lightly seasoned it. a little vegetable oil. wonderful
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flavors as well. let's check our less. a little bit of crow going on there.grill going on. >> we're going to put the salad together. to the excellence of heirloom cherry tomatoes. >> that is with
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hazel nuts all kind of got to get there. >> we will have the recipe for all of those things. >> samsung forest products some roasted beef. it goes with the salmon. i like to certain things family style. it makes it so much easier. >> we cannot forget our desert. is there is always my favorite.dessert is always my favorite. >> pineapple has the
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glaze on it. >> we made our maple durbin plays. it is like a nice warm desert. i love it. terrific recipes. we just did it all on the girl. thank you so much. we appreciate your helping us out with our recipes. >> of the terrific recipes on our web >> of the terrific recipes on our web page.
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understand >> 1992 johnny carson hosted his last tonight show. he began most of his hapless souls with a monologue about current events. >> the song is from
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the 1925 musical. is pretty rare that a bond. he made the most of it. turned it into a plus. a nice day out there. out there grilling just a moment ago. >> here by the lake especially manson club passing south of us. 50s at the late '70s and then today. tomorrow we go down to the 40's. back to the '70s and. 50 that the lake and then saturday the warm. the warming will be quick of a broadbased affair. you'll see how the red colors and warmer temperatures cover much of the area. you will be a
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little cooler near the lake on saturday and perhaps even sunday on the beaches. last memorial day was only 62. 89 would be a big improvement. this is the cooler air. the warmer colors represent the extent of the warmer air. this is tuesday and wednesday. that is a pretty one patterwarm pattern. >> nice and warm. we're getting into a decidedly warmer weather regime. reflected in our 7 day forecast. 74 tomorrow and 78 saturday with cooler readings at the beaches. before sunday and 89 memorial day.
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perhaps some scattered thunderstorms the warmth is becoming more frequent visitor. the warmth is becoming more
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